About the Photographer: Emmerlee Sherman

I’ll let Emmerlee tell you about herself in her own words (taken from her bio on her website):

“Throughout my life I have loved photography, starting with my first Polaroid camera when I was 6 and then playing in the dark room in 5th grade. I have always been the family historian, and continually strive to be better. I have learned from amazing photographers and have a great group of peers that help shape who I am as an artist.

“Every piece of my life has taught me to appreciate the nuances of every other person’s life. I appreciate you, your experiences, your story and your uniqueness. You are who you are because of the life events, great and small, that have shaped and molded you. Those experiences compel me to tell your story through my photography.

“Color, lines, structure, design, architecture, music, energy, movement, people and fun – these are the things that inspire my art and drive my images.”

Emmerlee contacted me about Geek Culture when another photographer posted about how I was looking for someone to take on the project with me. I loved her playful zombie photos, which she took just for fun, as well as her pictures of musicians. I also appreciated the way she pushed me to go ahead and jump into the project just when I had determined I’d wait another year. She took a big risk when she dedicated most of four days to take photos for a book that had no guaranteed publisher. I admire her spirit.

You can see lots of Emmerlee’s photos and learn more about her at www.emmerlee.com.

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