Geek Culture’s Chapter on Dealers

Julie Bowman looks at a stuffed dragon
Julie Bowman, founder of Mythical Creations, and one of her stuffed dragons. Photo by Emmerlee Sherman.

Among the chapters I include in Geek Culture is one on the vendors in the Dealers Room.

I interviewed four people for the chapter, but one of them was rather taciturn, so I didn’t include that interview. This left me with three vendors, and I just realized last night that all of them are women! So be it. In Geek Culture, you will meet:

Heather Luca, founder of Scoundrelle’s Keep: Heather specializes in corsetry.

Amy Roth, founder of Surly-Ramics: Amy creates jewelry designed to spark dialogue and encourage people to think critically.

Julie Bowman, founder of Mythical Creations: Julie’s current work includes stuffed dragons and winged cat puppets, among other things.

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