Music of the Spheres

When I was a girl, I was very interested in music, and at some point I became fascinated with the notion of the “music of the spheres.” I don’t remember much of what I read about it (and I don’t really think I understood much of what I read), except that the Earth sings “Mi, Fa,”¬†symbolizing the misery and famine that dominate our planet.

Imagine my delight today when I ran across the news that NASA probes have recorded electromagnetic waves, which can be played back so that we can hear them. These recordings are supposed to be spooky, but honestly, I just enjoyed hearing them. It was like a childhood dream being fulfilled.


One thought on “Music of the Spheres”

  1. Pythagoreans elaborated on a theory of numbers, the exact meaning of which is still debated among scholars. Another belief attributed to Pythagoras was that of the “harmony(or music)of the spheres”. Thus the planets and stars moved according to mathematical equations, which corresponded to musical notes and thus produced a symphony..

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