CONvergence Party Rooms in Geek Culture

A picture of the outside decor for the Twin Cities Ghostbusters party room
Outside the Twin Cities Ghostbusters party room. Photo by Emmerlee Sherman.

Party rooms are a big part of CONvergence for many attendees. Several of the 2013 rooms are featured in Geek Culture. Some were still going strong in 2014, while others had closed their doors – temporarily or for good. Here’s what you’ll find:


“We have a lot of people who stay and form friendships with new people, or they come in with their friends and are able to talk. It isn’t a lot of screaming and trying to hear each other over stuff.” – Amaya Goldsmith

Still active in 2014, Ochaya offers tea in a restful atmosphere. I’m an introvert who sometimes needs a peaceful retreat,  so this is one of my favorite rooms.

House of Toast

“Lots of people try to shock you when you’re working in the topping line. They’ll say, ‘Can I have pickled cactus with Nutella?’ And I’ll say, ‘Yeah, sure, that’s not the grossest thing I’ve put together tonight.’” – Nancy Sims

If you’re new to CONvergence, you might wonder about the line you’ll find leading up to House of Toast. A part of the con for several years, this room offers party-goers the opportunity to eat a slice of toast with a mind-boggling selection of toppings.

Worship the Goddesses

“I think one of the most interesting things is that our room actually has an activity, something you’re supposed to do.” – Will

Worship the Goddesses, which ran from 2008 through 2013, featured women dressed as mythological goddesses. The room’s goddesses or female party-goers were “worshipped” by men with a love poem or serenade. In 2014 one of the room’s hosts, Sarah Richard, co-hosted a Rocky Horror-themed party room in its place.

The Brass Falcon Airship

“Instead of going home from work and drinking beer and watching sports, I [make things].”—Samuel McClelland

The Brass Falcon Airship was a steampunk-themed room made to look like the interior of an airship. During my visit with host Samuel McClelland, the room was very busy with people exploring the elaborate instrument panels and other features of the room. The party room was not at CONvergence in 2014.

IKV Rakehell

“The best thing about being a Klingon is that you get to be surly.” — Kris Spiesz

Another long-running party room, the IKV Rakehell was not around in 2014. Members of IKV Rakehell usually host a room at Marscon and one at CONvergence. The set-up is basically the same, but the decor changes from year to year to match each con’s theme.

USS Nokomis

“When movie premieres come out, we work with theaters to bring out sets.” – Captain Mary

Another Star Trek-inspired room, this one has a Federation theme from the original series. The party room, still going strong in 2014, features impressive props built by some of the group’s members, including a three-person transporter pad and a control panel.

Twin Cities Ghostbusters

“Jason owned a white Chevy Caprice wagon, and he thought, ‘For Halloween, I should make that into a Ghostbuster car.’” – Ryan

This room has been at CONvergence for four years, including in 2014. Members of Twin Cities Ghostbusters produce fan-films called Ghostbustin’ 911. You can often find their Chevy Caprice or classic Cadillac Miller-Meteor ambulance outside the main hotel for CONvergence.

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