What’s next for Geek Culture

With three hours left to the Geek Culture Kickstarter campaign, I think it is safe to say that the campaign failed. I very much appreciate the backers who believed in this project, as well as the people who spread the word to others.

Of course it is disappointing not to reach my goal, and I cannot self-publish without the cash. The plus side is that I learned a lot. I started a blog. I ran a Facebook page for the book, and I boosted posts. I learned how to put a Kickstarter campaign together.

I learned that some things don’t generate the response I had hoped they would. If I ever launch a Kickstarter campaign again, I have some ideas about how to go about it differently. I’ve learned what enormous amounts of time and energy need to go into something like this — something that isn’t easy when you are working full-time and have family responsibilities.

I haven’t given up on the book. I plan to keep trying publishers for a while. As the next CONvergence approaches, if it looks like I will not have a book to sell at the con, I will probably decide to stop trying to get it published at that time. Any further out, and I think the interviews and photos will be too far in the past to be marketable.

I plan to continue blogging here while I look for a publisher. I have been blogging a lot less than when I started this site, and I may continue to do so for a while. Between trying to find other ways to promote the Kickstarter campaign and then, toward the end of the campaign, getting sick, blogging was low on my priority list. Now I need to take some time to rest.

Again, thank you to all those who supported this campaign in some way. Your approach means a lot to me.